Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GOSH/Foxy announces another successful year

> TRAWNA - (GOSH Wine News Services) - The GOSH Wine News Services and Foxy
> Wine News Network completes yet another stunning and successful year in
> promoting the alcohol business in Ontario, in co-operation with the
> Liberal
> Control of Beverages in Ontario, A Clown, er, Clone, er Crown Corporation
> of
> A Have-Not Province Run by The Grate McGinty. Our shareholders are
> extremely
> happy.
> What did we accomplish this year? In yet another stunning upset, GOSH
> Wine
> News Services had swept the Barcelona Biennale 2011 SPIFFY Awards for bold
> and beautiful false and fake news
> Breaking stories appeared on the Foxy Wine News Network and the Canadian
> Wine Hacks and Flacks Association -- stories about the former
> CellaredInCanada wines, for example. Our spoofs and parodies for 2011
> totalled about 50, and have been acknowledged as some of the sharpest,
> most
> penetrating false news in recent history, although the issues on which the
> spoofs are based are real.
> Top investigative journalism led to coverage of the LCBO now selling
> wine at their Ontario stores in Euros, Robert Parker changing his wine
> scoring system, exclusive sales of wine in Ontario via Twitter, the Master
> of Wine Writing designation and MWW courses, and the purchase of the LCBO
> by
> RIM.
> More recently, GOSH and Foxy uncovered the Robert M. Parker Jr.
> Retirement and Farewell Tour, the LCBO being slammed by Black Friday
> sales,
> finding rogue vineyards in Niagara, the PIIGS Bake Sale and Fundraiser in
> Ontario, and announcing the signing of the provinvial auditor as a
> freelance
> writer for GOSH.
> All stories may be found at the leading wine satire site on the planet
> http://fauxvoixvincuisine.blogspot.com.
> Dean Tudor is President and CEO of Gothic Epicures Writing, an
> empire-building food and wine consultancy specializing in Restructuring
> and
> Dragons. His next Restructuring campaign is to re-brand the Cellared in
> Canada ICB wines as "Partially Parked in Canada".
> PS: Don't forget the Christmas and Holiday shows at Foxy Wine News
> Network -- "Snag It, Bag It, and Tag It" (guide to cheap Christmas wines),
> "Mulled Wine Escapades", "LCBO Eggnog Special Competition", "Durham
> Warehouse Christmas Show" (live), and "Bubbles, Not-the-Charmat Express
> Hour".
> Chimo! www.deantudor.com AND http://gothicepicures.blogspot.com

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